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lots of room, pretty good quality

very versatile bag, sturdy strap and carrying handles, nice detail with inside pocket, more room than it looks from outside, recommend

Instant favorite hoodie

This is by far the most comfy hoodie I own, never mind the unique onesie dress styling!

New Fav!

Love how comfortable it is, super cute colors.. should I have one for each day of the week!!?? ; )

Love it! Nice fabric and very comfy!

Comfort plus!

Fantastic product as always

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Our Story & Mission

Our Story

FARM is a brand created for those of us who stand apart without effort.

We are artists, we are athletes, we are craftsmen, we are dreamers, we are doers, we are fighters, we are survivors, we are teachers, we are students, we are sons and daughters. We are one another.

FARM represents our united voices and our individual stories, all in one.

Simple - we believe in simplicity. Less is more. It is reflected in our design. 

Unique - we all have a unique story, find a design that tells yours. Share Your Story. 

Fresh - all of our products are designed, printed and packaged here in USA. Made to order.
Comfortable - comfort is the core essence of every single product we produce. Our product experience team sources only those material and fit that we love to wear ourselves. 
Socially responsible - being socially responsible is of the utmost importance for our family business. That's why we only work with suppliers and service partners who share the same value. You can be sure that all of our products are manufactured and sourced in an eco-conscious way, from partners who follow fair labor practice and conduct business ethically. 

Pay it Forward – when you are lucky enough to be in a position to help others, you should. That is why a portion of all of our sales are donated to local and national charities and nonprofits, to support different causes close to our hearts.
  • Creating Equality (Equal Rights, Constitutional Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights and more)
  • Fighting Hunger and Homelessness
  • Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Sustainability
  • Veterans Support
  • COVID-19 and Disaster Respond Fund
Our desktop and mobile site is also optimized with Accessibility Assistant, which ensures easy access and usability for everyone.  

Recognize and celebrate your story and its journey with FARM. Find the inspiration you’ve been searching for, make your next chapter an amazing one, and inspire others to do the same.

Be Inspired. Share Your Story. 


Our Mission

Celebrate individuality and diversity. Share our individual and unique stories with the world to inspire and unite.

Celebrate individuality, and our unique journey. We all have experienced great pains, challenges, trials, success, joy and love in our life’s journey. Life is about sharing these experiences with our loved ones and those around us. Share our stories to inspire others to create their own, to push their own limits, to be uncomfortable in order to expand and grow, to achieve the impossible.

Celebrate diversity, and what unites us. Celebrate what is human nature and part of our humanity, a need for each of us to have our individual voice, and a platform to share our unique stories, for our voices to be heard.

Be different, together. Share our stories with the world. Inspire others through our life stories and with our actions. Pay it forward as one united humankind.