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Great clothes

With Covid I shop even more online. Out of many brands I feel Farm hits a cool lines in their cloth & cuts.


Excellent service and the sweatshirt was more beautiful than I expected you can’t go wrong I will order again

The Day Club Pastel Shorts
Shane Michael Manieri
The best fabrics

I love Farm Brand. You guys use very comfortable material for everything you make. I’m a huge fan.

Grand Piano Passion Matters T-Shirt Adult

The Vibe Tie Dye Fleece Hoodie Adult

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Affiliates & Influencers

Whether you are a full time affiliate or you just want to make a couple of extra bucks in your sleep, our Farm Brand Affiliate Program will open doors to earning 15% commission selling our activewear clothing that you know and love.

FARM was created for you. The creative minds, the doers, our inspirational leaders of tomorrow. And that is why we not only want to act as an outlet to showcase your incredible stories, but also a place for you to create an income stream built around your audience; big or small!

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Welcome To The Farm Family

As you continue being simply you, we will provide you with personalized codes and discounts for your followers so that you can showcase and sell our super cozy yet super functional clothing while living out your very own inspiring life, earning 15% commission on any product you sell.  

Here at Farm Brand, we not only live to hear your story and learn about your personal journey, but we want to be a part if so that together we can change the world!

Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program?

Anybody and everybody is eligible to join our program. There are no requirements whatsoever, as long as you maintain a positive mindset and a desire to show off all the awesome products and happenings going on within our brand, like our 5% of sales donation at checkout and our race to donate 1,000,000 shirts!

Fitness instructors, wellness enthusiast, photographers, outdoors activist, travelers, entrepreneurs, yogis, nutritionist.

You name it, the list is never ending!


If you are a creator, influencer, celebrity or just someone with extreme passion for life who is active on social media, we'd LOVE to hear from you.

Rise up & Grow with Farm Brand!

How Does The Farm Affiliate Program Work?

It's really quite simple. We will provide you with a unique discount code (20% off!) and link to our site that you can share to your followers in addition to images, videos, etc. of you wearing and rocking Farm Brand Products.

Any time someone purchases and item with your discount code or by clicking through your link, you will earn 15% commission of the selling price of said product before the discount is applied. We even offer a two week cookie duration, so if someone clicks on your link and purchases up to two weeks later, that commission is still yours!

Keep track of your engagements, sales, and earnings through our easy to navigate affiliate portal, and use Farm Brands incredible content, like our engaging blog posts and social media contest, to further initiate traffic and sales so that YOU can make money!

Oh, and of course we make sure to hook all of our affiliates up with only the best insider specials and free gear, so that's always rad.

To learn more and to sign up, just click the button below!

Have Another Idea? Let's Hear It!

At Farm, we are always open ears to anything you have to say! If you have an idea or a unique way in which you would like to partner yourself/your brand with us, please let us know more.

Just shoot us an email at partnership@farmexclusives.com with a little description of what your mind has mustered up, and we will surely be in touch.

It is thanks to the creative thinkers like yourself, those who stand out in a sea of others, that help Farm Brand to flourish and give back to our communities to the extent that we love to do, and we can't wait to hear what you have to say.