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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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Startup Fellowship

A place for small brands to form relationships and utilize our shared audiences for enhanced brand awareness and organic growth!

What is Startup Fellowship?

A brand collaboration partnership between start-up businesses in which both sides bring their unique products or services, creative contents and network of followers, customers, partners - and mutually share these invaluable assets and resources with each other for the goal of increasing brand awareness and business opportunities for all participating parties.

We have all worked hard to build a community that is vital to the success of our businesses, the network of partners who help our business run, and the customers who keep our business going, the community is the bedrock in which our businesses are built on. Here at Farm Brand, we are a strong believer that “we should give more than we take”, and that “if we are in a place of influence or excess, it is our moral obligation to give back to those who are less fortunate and those who could use our help”.

So, here we create a platform for all small businesses who share this same value, who operate in an ethical and responsible way, who provide great product or service to customers in our local communities, to come together and share our invaluable assets and learnings for the benefit of everyone who participate in the fellowship.

By joining Startup Fellowship and adhering to the member guidelines, you can be sure that you will increase your brand’s awareness and have the opportunity to increase your customer base and your network of reliable business partners, through the shared collaboration of fellowship members and its unique audiences, assets and resources. As the fellowship grows, so does your business!

We're all about doing good and helping our community, and we would love to connect to see just what kinds of fun and engaging shared marketing strategies and content we can jointly create! If this sounds like a great idea to you, then let's connect!

Who is This For?

At Farm Brand, we are constantly using our brand as a voice to help our followers and partners live a healthy, happy, balanced, and fitness oriented lifestyles. We consistently create content centered around the niches of:

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Health & Fitness
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Simply Human (inspirational stories, fight for social justice, sustainability, and illumination of the best of human conditions)

If you run a startup business that shares this same value, who operate in an ethical and responsible way, who provide great product or service to customers in your local communities, you are exactly who we are looking to partner with. You are in the right place!  

Farm Brand is also dedicated to the pursuit of social responsibility. When a customer purchases our clothing, they will be granted the option to donate 5% of the sale to a charity of their choice, of which include:

When a customer purchases our clothing, they will be granted the option to donate 5% of the sale to a charity of their choice, of which include:

  • Creating Equality (Equal Rights, Constitutional Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights and more)
  • Fighting Hunger and Homelessness
  • Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Sustainability
  • Veterans Support
  • COVID-19 and Disaster Response Fund

We care about the Earth, our environment, our quality of life, and sustainability. As such, we are always striving to find ways to lower our carbon footprint working alongside our manufacturing and supply chain partners, to make sure each and every one of our products can be produced in a more eco-friendly way than yesterday.

If you have a small business or are an entrepreneur that aligns with similar values of social responsibility and helping the world, or if you also promote content that brings more joy, better health, and reliable information to your audience; we would love to hear from you to see how together we can unite and share all that we have done!

How to Join?

When united together, we can use our correlated brand interest and audiences to help one another grow.

Social media shoutouts, guest blog posts, interviews. You name it.

The goal is simple: Exposure! Tap into a new customer base that is shared by Farm Brand and other future fellowship members.

Get in touch with our team using below submission form, When we learn more about yourself and your brand, we can create unique and innovative marketing and partnership strategies that equally benefits both our companies and our audiences as we come up with ideas to mutually grow our businesses and change the world for the better in the process.

Here you will also find a community of other members within our fellowship to create an endless flow of networking and marketing opportunities, as this is more than just a one-on-one relationship!

Ready to join Startup Fellowship or have a partnership idea? We would LOVE to hear from you. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page after reading through our member guidelines and we will be in touch!

Member Guidelines

All we want from each of our members, is passion, drive, and a product or service that aligns with the same values as ours. If you have an engaged social media community (not big!) that loves your brand and what you are doing, if you develop content that is aimed to enhance the lives of this community, if you intend to join the fellowship to give just as much as you expect to gain, and if you are open to collaboration in the spirit of uplifting one another as small businesses...

Then let’s get going!

Thank you!