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good quality

high quality, looks cool, love that it's made in the USA!

Love how lightweight and functional it is..

Received the Peach color Wind River jacket as a gift, first time trying Farm Brand after hearing about it from friends, it is very comfortable and lightweight, I was not disappointed. Thinking about picking up one of the lazy-comfort hoodies, which seems to be their most popular hoodie style..

the best sweatpants

very comfortable, lightweight, soft.. possibly the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. With WFH being the new norm, that's saying a lot.

nice light jacket

good quality windbreaker jacket, easy to pack and nice hoodie mesh lining and front pockets

Great hoodie order bigger

We love the products. I’ve noticed the hoodies shrink up if so if your a father/guy washer like me, size up .

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Farm Brand sustainable apparel & lifestyle brand

A new way to approach healthy and balanced lifestyle through a socially responsible athleisure brand

Our Story

FARM is a brand created for those of us who stand apart without effort. The doers and the thinkers with innate traits that drive us to pursue greater truths and wellness for themselves and the world of which we live.

We are artists, humans that pursue and share the deepest depths of creativity for all to see. We are the athletes, those who choose to chase the pain and sacrifice required to reach beyond our own physical and mental limits. We are the craftsmen that never stop making, the students who seek to never stop learning. We are sons and daughters of those who have lived before us, a generation of dreamers and fighters that endured countless adversities and hardships in order to provide us with a brighter future we enjoy today. We are forever grateful, we will never forget, and we carry your spirits, grit and unwavering enthusiasm as we continue to fight the good fight for a better tomorrow.

We are different, together. We are one another. FARM represents our united voices and our individual stories.

  Simple - We believe in simplicity. The designs of our clothing and activewear collections showcase the truth that less really is just that much more. Avoid complexity; stay simple.

  Unique - Stand apart from all others through the beauty of being different. Share your special story with us, and revel in what it means to be unique with designs that embody YOU.

  Fresh - Our made to order products are all designed, printed, and packaged in the USA. We work with local suppliers; our goal is to shift more and more of our manufacturing and supply chain to be done here in our home of USA. We support small businesses, we love American made product, it’s a part of who we are.

  Comfortable - There is ‘comfort over beauty’, but what about being both? Our product team sources only the best materials and fit that in themselves define the essence of comfort while always looking incredible. There is nothing in our own curated collection that we do not absolutely love to wear.  

  Socially responsible - Corporate social responsibility is of the utmost importance in how we structure our family owned business. We focus on ethics, sustainability, and creating clothing that is always manufactured and sourced responsibly. Shop with the confidence knowing that all of our clothing is eco-conscious and sourced from partners who manufacture with fair labor and ethical business practice.

  Pay it Forward – When you are lucky enough to be in a position to help others, you should. Farm Brand always donates a portion of our sales to local and national charities and nonprofits so that together we can support the causes we hold closest to our hearts. Be a part of the positive change with us.

  • When a customer purchases an item at FARM, they can choose a charity or non-profit organizations that they wish to support - FARM will take care of the rest:        
  • Creating Equality (Equal Rights, Constitutional Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights and more)
  • Fighting Hunger and Homelessness
  • Wildlife Conservation & Environmental Sustainability
  • Veterans Support
  • COVID-19 and Disaster Response Fund

Our desktop and mobile site is also optimized with ‘Accessibility Assistant’, which ensures easy access and usability for everyone, regardless of who you are and where you are shopping from in the world.

From now until January 1st, 2021 it is our goal to deliver 10,000 free shirts to local charities and non-profit organizations that focus on fighting homelessness and poverty in local communities.

We pledge to continue our One Purchased to One Donated initiative with a goal of donating 1,000,000 shirts or clothing items to charity in 2021.​

Our Mission

At FARM we embrace individuality and breathe diversity. Celebrate these amazing traits with us, and share your own individual and unique stories for the world to hear. Together we will inspire and together we will unite.

Celebrate Individuality. The core of what it means to be an individual spans from the ever changing and always different lives that we all have lived. Each of us has experienced great pains. We have risen above the challenges, trials, and tribulations that life has thrown our way to in turn find the delicate balance of hard work and sacrifice with happiness and joy. Life is about creating and telling stories that inspire others to achieve their own definitions of greatness. In order to grow, we must push our limits into uncomfortable boundaries so that we as individuals can achieve the impossible.

Celebrate Diversity. Human nature reaches the epitome of intricacy, diversity and harmony through the billions of voices that all deserve to be heard. At FARM, we hope to enable these voices to share their own diverse, always unfolding stories of motivational and heart warming nature. Our platform aims to share and celebrate the diversity of humanity.

Be Different, Together. Discover your meaning and your purpose by sharing your story with the world. Our actions and our words will etch themselves into history. Pay it forward as one united humankind. You are the story, we simply help to tell it. Take part, join the FARM movement today!

What We Need

  • We are seeking $200,000 in funding to continue our cause and sustain our business.
  • Read to learn more about how we can use your helping hand, and click right HERE to support when you are ready.
  • As a family-run and startup business, we have invested close to $100,000 of our own money, which went into building the e-commerce store, manufacturing and sourcing our products, inventory, charitable contributions to charities and non-profits (we donate 5% of all sales and give away 1 shirt for every one merchandise sold), payroll for a staff of 10 team members with diverse backgrounds, and other sales and administrative expenses

With your support and an additional $200,000 in funding, we can accomplish:

  • Expand our production capacity, and continue toward a goal of shifting larger parts of our manufacturing and supply chain to be done here in the US
    • Increase our inventory to support a 6-month run-rate, based on high double-digit growth rate in sales each month
    • Increase the amount of charitable donations and direct givebacks to local communities
    • Expand our staff to provide more living wages to those impacted by pandemic
    • Continue to spread positive message around social equality, environmental sustainability and personal inspirations to as many people as we can reach

What You Get

If you support our fundraising effort, you will be a lifelong guardian angel of our family and those involved with the brand, as a thank you for you contribution:

  • You will receive your very own "Farm Brand Fall Fashion Essentials Box" - a unique, one of a kind basket of fashionable goodies including hoodies, travel duffels, joggers, shirts, and more - picked out just for you
  • You will become a VIP customer of FARM, and receive lifetime free shipping for all of your purchases made on www.farmexclusives.com 
  • As a VIP customer, you will also receive exclusive discounts, future giveaways, early drops on new styles and designs, and limited-edition styles and designs that are not available in store

If for some reason we fall short of our $200,000 funding goal, as a contributor to our fundraising effort, you will still receive all of the perks listed above.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you'd like to support our fundraising efforts, but cannot do so through monetary donations, that's okay and we'd still appreciate any support you can lend us!

  • Be our voice, share our website www.farmexclusives.com and this funding page with your family, friends and anyone in your personal and professional network
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @farmbrandinspires, join us and stay updated with our brand and our social agendas
  • Become an affiliate or brand advocate for FARM, simply join our affiliate program, learn more at www.farmexclusives.com/pages/affiliates-influen.... Receive 15% commission on all referred sales, get your own unique discount code to share with your friends and family, and most importantly - promote for a good cause. It only takes 1-minute to sign up, do it today!