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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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A Fitness Enthusiast's Gift Guide

A Fitness Enthusiast's Gift Guide

Activewear & Accessories for a Fit Lifestyle

Ahhh the art of gift-giving. You can love it, you can hate it, but in the end, there's not much you can do to escape it.

Whenever the holidays approach, just as there are now (get a jump on it you last-minute shoppers!), so begins the thought process of attempting to assign gift ideas to the different people in your life, the game of connecting the dots.

And although Farm Brands Clothing is your one-stop ticket to checking off nearly any type of person on your nice list, there is one type of person in particular that, should you be searching for the perfect gift, should be extremely easy to fulfill.

If you have a fitness nut in your close circle, then our products will instill a smile on their cheeks as they unwrap their gift; activewear clothing suited for their energetic lifestyle. And to make things even easier for you we have decided to curate a fitness lovers gift guide so that you can easily pinpoint the items best suited for that special someone.

Gifts for the ones that consider the gym a second home. Those who pursue the body of their dreams with ruthless consistency and dedication, products to make their days better and easier.

All from Farmexclusives.com!

Bags To Carry All They Need

A ton of workouts and fitness-related sports require just a little bit of equipment, or at least a change of clothes after the sweat has soaked the original outfit. A go-to bag is always essential to have, something that you can easily shove your necessities in and that can be trusted to last throughout the ages while of course remaining at the epitome of mellow and cool style.

The Weekender Cotton Canvas Barrel Duffel

Stylish is one thing, and this duffle bag needs no lessons in how to look good, as it clearly has that part covered.

But as well as being stylish there is being functional. If you're looking for the perfect gym accessory gift, this duffel is a necessary addition to a workout enthusiast. It isn't big or bulky or complicated and over the top. It's simple, the perfect size, and it embodies the meaning of quiet confidence.

Perfect for the change of clothes, nice shoes, and a few bathroom essentials for those who head straight to work after hitting the weights.

The sweat towel, protein powder, and water. All those little things that accumulate to just enough that a bag is thus deemed necessary, so check out the color combinations, maybe fill it with a few awesome T-shirts, and bam;

The holidays are done!

Weekender Cotton Canvas Backpack

Sometimes you need a bag but you don't need it to be large or overly complicated or too fancy. Just a little something for the extra water bottles and a snack, a towel, and an extra Tee.

The weekender cotton canvas backpack is THE bag for fitness-related adventures. It's meant for the outdoors, as its color blends so perfectly into surrounding trees, and if you know someone who is always looking for new trails or searching for new places to hike and run, then give them the perfect gift with this excellent little workout bag.

If you love these awesome active lifestyle bags, then view our entire collection, including unique color-ways and styles, by simply clicking right HERE!

Activewear Joggers & Leggings

There isn't a person who works out who would say that they don't need another pair of joggers or leggings in their closet. The truth is that you really can't have enough of them, as you are always sweating and going through clothing quickly when exercising, and both joggers and leggings make for a perfect fitness lover's gift.

They are meant for movement and destined for comfort, flexibility, and they maintain a secure fit for a complete range of motion when lifting weights and squatting. That, and they obviously look really dang good.

But most importantly is the protection they offer at the gym. When germs are now more important than ever, it is essential to wear full-length clothing to protect yourself from the sweaty surfaces of the equipment, making joggers and legging the only piece of clothing fit for a first-place finish as ‘the best gym clothing.'

Joggers and leggings also offer one of the best kinds of outdoor pants for men and women. In the colder months, they help to keep you warm and able to move up mountainsides when hiking or trail running through the woods as your knees are never restricted. And when it starts to get warm, they maintain sweat-wicking abilities and breathability so that you never feel constricted.

We have a ton of incredibly stylish and gym-ready collections to choose from, so just click here for joggers and here for leggings, but we want to show off a few of the ones that we feel are perfect for the exercise enthusiast in your life, so check them out below and if you see an image you like just click on it to shop!

Hoodies and Long Sleeves

A lot of fitness lovers tend to wear hoodies, for good and many reasons. And my oh my do we have quite the extensive collection for you to check out!

Sweating is a keystone element of working out. Sweating is extremely good for you, a natural type of cleansing that our bodies need, and it is also one of the main elements in losing weight.

Because of this, you will often see people working out in a big hoodie to further intensify the sweating of their workout session. Hood popped on, headphones in. Zoned in and ready to conquer the world one rep at a time. Sweat dripping from every pore.

There's that, and then of course the fact when it gets cold a hoodie is then needed to control body temperatures, especially when you workout outside.

Our “Self Made” Hoodie and our “SuperHuman” Hoodie are the perfect graphics to align with a fitness lovers' lifestyle. The act of dedicating their time to achieving new milestones of growth, the work of creating an entirely self-made body.

Show them that you appreciate their pursuit of a greater good and give them a hoodie that they will be proud to wear.

And also extremely impressive is those who manage to maintain a certain level of fitness regardless of other life responsibilities getting in the way. There's work, there are kids, there's school.

Sometimes it really takes a sense of personal motivation and drive to balance everything in life while also leaving enough time to get your body moving.

Those who do it best are superhuman. Show them that you know they are and that you respect their ability to navigate such challenges with success through our “SuperHuman” hoodie.

For someone who likes to keep things plain and simple, don't fret. Our weightless long sleeve hoodie is literally meant for the gym or cold, outside runs. Its light as can be so that performance is never hindered, and the long sleeve acts as a protective barrier from the chilly air and germ-ridden gym surfaces.

This hoodie features two nice pockets and a plain design so that it can be styled to a vast array of personal preferences, but most importantly it is warm, functional, and a great gift for a fitness lover.

Workout Shorts

When workouts take place under a hot summer sun, then the need for nice and cool workout shorts becomes apparent.

From outdoor CrossFit style exercises to runners, our shorts at Farm Brand make the perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast.

Our women's legging shorts are extremely light, breathable, and flexible. The nylon and spandex blend of the material allows them to shape and sculpt your body, and their high waist ensures that no skin accidentally shows when bending down into a nice squat. This also helps to support your body and posture when the weights get heavy.

Our men's shorts are about as comfortable as they come. They are loose-fitting and free for any type of powerful movement, perfect for running, hiking, beach workouts.

You name it.

And when the temps start to drop, you don't have to put the shorts away at all, as they in fact make for the perfect layer. For a winter workout and running outfit, simply wear the shorts over a pair of long johns for a style that looks simply rad, helps to keep you warm, and allows for any movement you wish without restriction.

A Simple Tee

Because sometimes, you just can't go wrong with a t-shirt!

Farm Brands Tees are that kind of material that just makes any other kind of shirt feel like total crap.

Not only are they super comfortable and soft, but they also maintain sweat-wicking abilities and a nice, tight muscle fit to make for both a shirt ready for a workout and also a shirt ready to show off the results of your dedication!

The material literally sits and molds around your unique body shape, bringing out the best in your muscles with a design that embodies the person that you are. So if you know a fitness enthusiast and you are looking for a gift, these Tees will never fail…

Browse our extensive collection of graphic and plain tees for the workout enthusiast in your life, and if you aren't sure of exactly what to get then remember!

We always have gift cards available, and gift cards are always an excellent gift. Because just as fun as it is to relieve something that has been chosen for you, it is equally as fun to choose for yourself, so a gift card will allow your fitness lover to browse all of your incredible activewear products at their free will.

This article has been brought to you by your friends at Farm Brand.

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