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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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A Traveler's Gift Guide

A Traveler's Gift Guide

I like to think that each of us maintains something that I call a ‘travelers personality’. We are all so very unique in our approaches to what exactly traveling means to us, just how vast and far we choose to pursue our travels, and exactly how we go about said travels when the day comes to pack up our things and hit the road.

And sure, as of now traveling as we know it has absolutely changed, but that doesn't mean that we can't adapt completely, using these times as a means to implement more creative approaches to getting outside and, unfortunately for those who maintain a social element to their traveler's personality; away from people!

Some of us like to be a little more extreme, using our travels as a medium for adventure, while others like a mellow approach utilizing cocktails and beachside hanging as a means for escape. But no matter your traveler's personality, Farm Brand does have you covered on one thing this holiday season.

And that thing is the traveler's style!

You simply cannot go wrong with Farm Brand items as a gift for the traveler in your family, so stick around for our personally curated list of goods that act as the epitome for functional activewear and traveling accessories this holiday season!

Featured Traveler's Item

Backroads Sherpa Lined Heather Full-Zip Hoodie

I know I know, I thought that this was one of the nicest, most aesthetically pleasing hoodies too when I first saw it. And that's because it is.

But aside from the fact that this hoodie looks absolutely incredible on any traveler who wears it, some could argue that other aspects set it even higher up on the pedestal of hoodies for travelers.

One reason is because of the material. Sherpa wool is one of the true and tested materials in terms of keeping you warm when those temperatures start dropping, so there's never a better hoodie than this when it comes to winter traveling or heading to places currently in the grasp of winter.

So just as equally as it will keep you warm during an outdoor styled traveling like camping, it will keep you cozy when sipping coffee outside at a new cafe while watching the streets of a new place bustle.

If you're looking for a gift for a traveler that is guaranteed to not let them down and take a favorite place in their wardrobe forever, then this sherpa-lined heather hoodie is the ticket.

The Perfect Travel Bags

There's one truth to traveling that will always remain the same for us all. You have to pack! You can't just head out the door without all your clothing, supplies, and whatever else it may be that your travels call for. That, and oftentimes you need an easy way to store and carry your personal good when cruising around a new city or a big forest.

For every packing need that may arise both before and during your travels, Farm Brand's collection of only the highest quality backpacks, duffels, and sling totes is guaranteed to have you covered. And hey, they look incredible, so no one is complaining about that either!

Weekender Cotton Canvas Duffel

I love duffel bags, and pretty much any traveler out there would agree. Duffel bags are nice and roomy so you can pack up a ton of what you need, and then they act as the perfect bad for separate adventures within your adventures, like outings that require a little picnic or a change of clothes and some towels.

That, and in terms of a gift for travelers, oftentimes traveling is centered around some form of sport or outings, say climbing or skiing. The Weekender Cotton Canvas Duffel is as durable as they come and ready to pack up all those ropes, boots, snow pants, or anything that your own personal hobbies may entail.

Available in stylish desert sand or a sleek smoke grey color, this duffel seconds as an addition to any style that does nothing but bring the best out of your fashionable personality.

Weekender Cotton Canvas Backpack

Everyone needs a good backpack. Especially travelers. But you just can't hide from the fact that most backpacks are cheaply made and unfortunately look rather… For lack of a better term, bleh!

But the Farm Brand Weekender Cotton Canvas Backpack changes the game completely. With elegantly sewn canvas and faux leather trim reinforcement, this backpack is ready to up the style game while remaining completely functional.

For any type of traveling, you can think of, there's guaranteed to be a use for this bag, from day trips to weekend outings to those adventures that take you away for quite some time. Instill a smile to your traveler by gifting them this ready-for-adventure backpack that they will wear comfortably over their shoulders during any traveling to come.

Weekender Cotton Canvas Barrel Duffel

For the travelers that simply need a lot of room to pack up all their clothing in a bag that allows for an organization that requires little thought and effortless maneuverability, this travelers bag is the way to go. Simply throw it around your shoulders when you have all you need and get ready to hit the road!

It's slight with a soft, appealing appearance, and it is perfect for those little day trips that only need a little or as an addition to large outings that require a little extra luggage; doubling as a bag to use for the day trips within your trip.

Clothing for the Ride and Clothing when You Get There

Even if it's just a two-hour jaunt up the road in the car, travelers usually always have to use some form of lengthy transportation when getting to their destination. And because of such, there's never a better time for comfort. But at the same time, you want clothing that is as equally comfortable and stylish while getting to your destination as it is functional and fashionable when at your destination.

Check out Farm Brands clothing for the ride and clothing for when you get there in the traveler's gift guide.

The Statement Sueded Fleece Joggers

You know those times when you have a really funny story to tell, but it's really only funny to you because you were there, and you realize just how silly you sound trying to tell the story in hopes of the same response from those listening?

That's kind of what it's like trying to explain how comfortable these joggers are. Words will not suffice and you simply won't know until you know, and if you want to gift the traveler in your life with a piece of clothing that will act as a blanket for their legs during those long car or airplane rides, then here you go!

But not only that, the sheer comfort of these joggers provide them with a level of flexibility that allows for them to double as activewear, perfect for hikes that require a little bit of warmth, early morning runs on a new trail, or taking it easy hanging around the fireside with a cold beer in hand.

The Composite French Terry Jogger

French terry cotton is one of the most comfortable kinds of cotton to exist in the world of textiles, and that goes a long way in terms of creating extremely comfortable joggers. But just as well, French Terry cotton retains heat when it is cold and wicks sweat when it is warm, so these joggers will never hold you back when out and about seeing the world.

Available in black and charcoal, these joggers offer easy to approach styling that allows you more time soaking up your travels and less time thinking about what to match the rest of the outfit with for the day.

The Cargo French Terry Joggers

It's really just clothing that never lets you down. And that's what you need when on your travels because the last thing you want to think about when soaking up the views of a brand new place is your clothing!

You just want to toss on something that looks and feels good and get outside, and that's why these joggers make for the perfect gift for travelers.

Whether your traveling takes you to places that are rugged and extreme or ones that's aura is relaxed and calming, these joggers are made to only enhance your experiences through their fashionable approach to comfortable clothing.

The Namaste Cotton Infused Legging

Leggings are the wear-all do-all of female activewear and active leisure clothing. Meant to move with your body, allowing you complete freedom in your movements as you walk up a mountainside or cruise down the sidewalks of a new place.

They are tight-fitting and mold to your unique shape, bringing the best out of your body and confidence, and made from a cotton material that never chafes or rubs, so your traveler can have a pair of leggings that can be styled up for the trip getting there and their benefits also used when arrived.

The Statement Sueded Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie

Remember how soft the statement sueded fleece joggers are? Well, this hoodie is the combo of all combos to not only its sibling joggers but any other outfit that you can think of.

Because when traveling, sometimes two things end up meaning more than any when it comes to your traveler's clothing- Being simple to toss on your back and style while enhancing the entirety of your stylish look.

I know that I don't like wasting any time rummaging through my bags looking for what to wear when there's an adventure to be had and time ticking, and a hoodie like this is exactly what I look for in a piece of clothing that I can quite literally grab and go.

Minimalist Fleece Shorts

A lot of times travelers tend to be minimalist. They choose experiences over materialistic items and thus choose to follow a path that doesn't need the nicest or flashiest of things.

And there is so much to be said for that, the pursuit of memories over things.

But that doesn't change the fact that you still need clothes on your back, even if you are a minimalist. Take a look at our minimalist fleece shorts for simplicity derived from useability.

Exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less. Affordable, sustainably sourced. Everything you need so that your look can embody the spirit of who you are.

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