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How Does Your Zodiac Sign Affect your Style?

How Does Your Zodiac Sign Affect your Style?

For any of those into zodiac signs, then you probably know well the different ways in which our birth months help to direct and etch our varying personalities, traits, and other characteristics.

Your sun sign is a great way to embody who you are, or in other words, the existential essence you showcase to the world with your innate personality. And your fashion is directly influenced by this sign.

So do you think that your zodiac sign matches up with your style?

Or do you think that you could tell someone's zodiac sign solely based on the way that they dress?

If not, then maybe you will after reading this article, as we are going to get into all the different ways your zodiac sign directly influences your fashion.


March 1st-April 20th

Aries are ironically subtle yet forward-thinking when it comes to their fashion choices. Aries can take a popular fashion trend and dial it down in a manner that is unique to themselves but that is also innovative in terms of the fashion world.

An Aries might make you think “Wow, I can't believe they did that, but it actually kind of works!” in a way that is never too over the top. Like blending in but with a touch of personality that sets their fashion so far apart from others.

Simple yet powerful quiet confidence.

No matter what the occasion calls for, Aries can rock any style from casual to cocktail attire, and personalize the style to embody their innate characteristics. An Aries will never let you down with the way that they dress, and they always enjoy the challenge of styling up new trends and outfits.

Because of their ability to make anything look good, Aries might very much enjoy our joggers collection, as joggers are one of the most versatile pant types to ever exist, ready for any outfit an Aries could possibly put together.


April 21st-May 20th

Taurus enjoy making statements with their clothing.

And no, this doesn't necessarily mean wearing crazy, wild outfits. Instead, the statement that a Taurus wants to make will be completely personal to them.

In general, a Taurus is very forward-thinking with how they style their clothing as they often take fashion as a way to manifest their creativity for all to see.

Regardless of what kind of outfit choices you might be dealing with, a Taurus can take nearly anything and combo it up to work extremely well. A combination of talent and intrinsic desire to showcase a little bit of themselves in the clothing that they wear.

Because the sun sign of a Taurus is run by Venus, you may often see a variety of bright colors and different kinds of clothing materials to make for unique textures as well, catering to both sight and touch.

And that is why a Taurus might very much enjoy our "Just Right Surf Hoodie", as these hoodies are colorful, bright, and enticingly soft to the touch.

Or perhaps these adorable "Daisies French Terry Shorts" that in themselves make a patriotic statement with the subtle color pop of cute white stars against a mellow navy blue.


May 21st-June 20th

Fun and outgoing.

Two words very nicely describe the fashion personalities of a Gemini. When it comes to style, a Gemini loves using their moods as a driving force behind their choices of clothing for the day, never conforming to one specific style and utilizing a vast array of choices within their closet to keep things fresh.

A Gemini might enjoy the attention derived from their outfits, but the compliments will come from the heart as Geminis are excellent at creating outfits inspired by modern fashion trends yet unique to themselves and the way that they feel; a talent in weaving such a wide variety in clothing choice.

Whether mellow or fancy, a Gemini will always turn heads without trying too hard to do so, granting them much respect for their fashion.

If you are or if you know a Gemini, then you can most likely definitively describe them as passionate. The entire range of our Passion Matters collection will fulfill the every fashion need of a Gemini in a way that allows them to manifest themselves through their style.


June 21st-July 22nd

A Cancer likes to maintain a classic aura around their style that is simple yet sophisticated. Even when the styles are mellow and relaxed, a Cancer can still manage to take comfort and intertwine it with the ability to nail aesthetics spot on, creating outfits that are always appealing for the eye to see.

Cancers often enjoy maintaining a signature style, as in always gravitating towards a specific group of clothing and sticking with that group passionately, as well as bright and feminine colors. Essentially, you will often find yourself describing or remembering a Cancer based on the consistency of the way that they dress.

And this is all meant in the best of ways. Because Cancers are so talented at understanding their style, their fashion never disappoints, the everyday approach of nice style will always ensure that Cancer’s remain respected in the world of fashion.


July 23rd-August 22nd

Leos like to put it all out on the line when it comes to their style. They simply aren't afraid, and they love embodying the free-spirited, fiery, and colorful personality of this Zodiac sign by embodying these same characteristics in their fashion.

Because of such, you will often find a Leos outfit to maintain a lovely scheme of bright and bold colors. But that doesn't mean these outfits will ever go over the top.

Because just as much as a Leo enjoys putting him/herself out there, they also like maintaining a certain level of comfort in their own personal confidence. This means that although unique, colorful, and possibly indicative of setting trends, you can also rely on a Leo to create a lovely combination that is distinct to themselves yet guaranteed to look good without overdoing things, even when they put it all out on the line.

Between their boldness yet need to remain confident, Leo's style-forward will always be something to admire.

The Color of You collection is the perfect embodiment of Leo personality showcased through clothing.


August 23rd-September 22nd

A Virgo is a beacon of high fashion, always understanding the current trends of the fashion world with the ability to adhere to said trends with a rather classic and sophisticated approach. In the end, you would more often than not find yourself saying a Virgos looks stunning.

A Virgo will be loyal to their look, and because of such, they maintain mastery over their style, a loyalty indicative of the personality traits of this Zodiac sign. Often enjoying subtle tones of Earthy color, a Virgo will always maintain a certain degree of attention in terms of their personal beauty, care, and style.

A Virgo will often turn heads, but it is not because they are eccentric in their style, and it is more so because they can take on any trend with a high fashion like approach. Receiving attention for their style, without really trying too hard to receive said attention.

To a Virgo, fashion is often something that comes very naturally.


September 23rd-October 22nd

If there was a Zodiac sign to associate with edge or grunge, Libras would be the one!

Libras more often than not like to stick to darker tones of color, and often enjoy paying attention to the small details throughout their outfits. Because the base of their style is usually dark, you will often find a Libra adding just a touch of flair to their overall appearance, especially when that flair is shiny or metallic.  

A Libras outfit will always maintain a certain degree of intentional consistency when creating an outfit for the day, making sure that every piece is balanced and in line with the look. From head to toe, a Libra’s outfit will match absolutely perfectly.


October 23rd-November 2nd

Scorpios are hooked on habits, especially the habit of always looking good. No matter what time of day it is or what kind of occasion, a Scorpio will somehow manage to always create a look around what the day's events call for. Even if it means hanging out around the house in pajamas, somehow a Scorpio will still maintain a consistent style.

If you know a Scorpio, you might find yourself asking “How do they look so good all of the time?”, and that is because Scorpios always focus on style, no matter what they are doing!

Scorpios are focused on their look and willing to always pursue it, and they are often very resourceful when it comes to creating new outfits with the same clothing choices. Because of this, you may often find Scorpios paying close attention to the small details.

Things like their nails, jewelry to match the attire, shoes that enhance the look until it reaches the epitome of fashion, as Scorpios always maintain high standards in terms of their style.


November 23rd-December 21st

It is a rather brave thing when someone decides to create a fashion centered around goofy, outgoing personality while also maintaining a high degree of sophisticated respect. And Sagittarius more often than not does exactly that.

Although usually nicely put together, a Sagittarius is definitely not afraid to take chances, and will never steer away from intricate combinations and colorful designs. If you know a Sagittarius, then there's a good chance that you could describe their personality as whimsical and outgoing, which will be showcased directly through their style.

Sagittarius is renowned in the fashion world for their brave and forward take on modern trends, and they always attract attention even if they don't necessarily mean to do so. That is just what happens when someone can create such an enticing outfit!


December 22nd-January 19th

Capricorns don't like having to try too hard, but that never holds them back from looking good. To summarize a Capricorn's style, one could deem it as ‘simply sophisticated’.

Capricorns love being cozy, so you might find them in that legging and sweatshirt combo quite commonly, yet they will always rock this type of look extremely well. And when it's time to dress up, other Zodiac signs might get jealous, as Capricorns always have such an easy time putting together a look that will still manage to capture others' attention.

Although they often enjoy the classics, Capricorns will still add just a touch of their own personality through their clothing, and this personality often matches the well put-together nature of this sign.


January 20th-February 19th

Aquarius are very much doing it yourselfers. They love taking new trends, especially in regards to street fashion, and adding a homemade touch of flair to their outfits. By taking trends and adding these touches, Aquarius often blindly starts new trends, and their experimental fashions are bold and rather fearless in their approach.

Aquarius love showcasing their personality through their clothing. This results in outfits that are never held back because of the fear of what someone might think, and that are always wild and free, rather artistic in their approach such as with our Creative Mind collection.

Because clothing often makes an Aquarius happy, you will find the colors and looks of their outfits to embody this as well, often very bright and bubbly. Overall, Aquarius's fashion is innovative, always changing, and never observed because of any social norms.


February 20th-March 20th

Soft, flowy, bohemian. All words that could be used to describe a Pisces style.

Pieces are very calm in their approach to style, and this results in outfits that are cute eye-catching, yet extremely straightforward and simple. Think long, flowery dresses or boho shorts and a tank top.

Pisces are great at taking this style, however, and adjusting it to their own life. Even if a climate does not allow for a boho look, a Pisces will still manage to add a little bit of summer flair to their outfits. That, and Pisces are wonderful accessories, often enjoying vintage approaches when it comes to their glasses, watch, and jewelry.

To put it simply, Pisces are the free spirit of the Zodiac fashion world. Their outfits are soulful and sweet, impossible to not appreciate, and their ability to balance an appearance that looks like it took a lot of effort with an outfit that really doesn't take much effort at all is a specialty of this sun sign.

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