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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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Spring Style Guide

Spring Style Guide

Although the groundhog chose to hide back into his den and extend the grasp of winter a little longer, we are still getting very close to saying goodbye to colder weather.

Sooner than later the sun will warm up and move a little closer to our Earth, and so ensues the joys of springs and all she has to offer.

The time to sow your garden soil and the time to get outside and meander up a flowering hillside on a joyful little spring walk. The time to hang outside on the porch and pass around drinks or play a few rounds of cornhole with the family.

Spring is a time to enjoy and a time to always make the best of. And during this season where we begin to say goodbye to winter and hello to summer, we are usually blessed with some of the most enjoyable weather patterns in terms of air temperature and overall blue skies.

With this, there's a special kind of style that Spring allows for. A style that is perfect for making the best out of this beautiful season and that makes it so that alas, the big down jackets can get stuffed right back into the depths of the closet. Because instead, it's time to bust out the clothing that gets you outside.

Clothing that is fit for keeping you stylish and comfortable while outside enjoying what spring has to offer, and of course keep you looking A+ when simply hanging around the house and instead watching spring from a nearby window.

Farm Brand has been busy releasing some incredible new styles, and many of our new products are absolutely perfect for spring fashion. So check out our personally curated spring style guide to make your spring shopping experience not only easy but created specifically for the go-getter of a person you are!

The Vibe Tie Dye Fleece Hoodie

Will tie-dye ever go out of style? Let me answer that one for you with a big no.

In fact, tie-dye screams spring more than anything! With bright and vibrant colors that flow like wildflowers blowing freely in the wind, tie-dye is the perfect representation of the bubbly and bright side of spring. The sunshiney and bright aesthetic that will always remain alluring, especially when in the depths of winter.

Spring vibes are some of the best, and our vibe tie-dye fleece hoodie will allow you to embody the colors of spring with a hoodie that is equally fit for cozy days reading books at the house as it is for evening beach adventures where you need to keep a little warm.

Made from sustainable polyester and cotton, this hoodie will surely become a staple to your spring style.

Oasis Melange Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt

Sometimes a spring evening can maintain just enough of those chilly vibes to it that you need some form of hoodie or long sleeve to stay warm. But not the kind of hoodie that is meant for winter and that will leave you uncomfortably hot and sweating, as nobody needs that either.

To meet in the middle, and to create a garment that will indeed keep you warm when it does cool down but without the sauna-like feeling that is provided by other large hoodies, we would like to introduce the oasis melange long sleeve hooded shirt.

This shirt is literally a combination of a hoodie and a long sleeve, the only way to achieve the epitome of feeling ‘just right’ during the spring fluctuations of temperatures and weather.

This hoodie can take you from the coffee shop in the morning to the beach to the gym and then to the store, never compromising your style during any of your spring endeavors. Showcase your bright and bubbly personality through the wide range of available color choices, each color a showcase of the happiness that spring does spring as the rays of sunshine move closer to our skin.

All Ladies Leggings

Farm Brand is proud to showcase one of the best available collections of ladies' leggings currently available in the fashion world.

Leggings are a go-to during all seasons, as they provide a simple to style and simple to wear pair of pants that can be worn for nearly any occasion, both active and non-active. So whether you are about to embark on a big hike or if you have plans to grab some drinks later with friends on a lovely spring evening, just know that you can never go wrong with the right pair of leggings. And that there is never such a thing as too many legging.

For all year leggings ready for spring adventure, try our namaste high waist leggings, as they can handle the biggest of gym sessions or the laziest of hang out days.

For more of a focus on comfort and a pair of legging that can easily be styled up regardless of the spring weather and worn for nearly anything you can think of, then you may enjoy our Namaste comfort leggings.

And ahh, how can we forget our Capri legging, as Capri leggings are like an embodiment of spring itself. They keep you just warm enough as winter says goodbye yet just cool enough as summer says hello, the cut off ankle allowing for a touch of spring air that cools you down even during the most intense of mountain summits.

And for those who may live in climates that maintain a warmth to them that never leaves, then fret not, as our legging shorts are made for you. Leggings made for where the sun doesn't stop shining, giving you all the available benefits of standard leggings through shorts that keep you nice and cool as you enjoy what spring has to offer.

The Graduate Drop Shoulder

You know that warm feeling in your soul when you walk outside and the spring sunshine gives your skin a hello as the breeze carries bird songs softly into your ears?

It's a wonderful feeling indeed, and that feeling is exactly what it is like each and every time this entrancingly soft crewneck is placed over your shoulders.

And as well as being just about as warming and cozy as you can get, this garment maintains a sheer focus on style. You can dress it up for a casual and relaxed look, or pair it with some nice shoes and pants and make for an outfit suited for nearly any public outing.

The Alternative Fleece Jogger

Spring is a time to get outside. A time to get the body moving and a time to dial in that summer body by pursuing fitness full-fledged.

If you need a pair of athletic pants that can keep up with you as you hammer out long runs and lifting weights at the gym, and also the possible hike up a mountain or bike ride through the woods; then Farm Brand has you covered.

Our newly released alternative fleece joggers are the perfect representation of a pair of pants suited for spring style. We can talk about how they look all day, but the truth is that with the available color options, these joggers look absolutely incredible. So instead, let's talk about their functionality.

These joggers are soft, sweat-wicking, and flexible. So as well as looking good enough to nail you some compliments while going out to lunch, these joggers are also an athlete's best friend. Never question your choice of workout clothes again by choosing your pair now!

The Ladies Equalizer Fleece Joggers

Spring is all about getting into those sports again or going full force into your fitness game to shed away some of that built up winter energy.

If you, like many are, excited about the fact that you will be able to pursue this competitiveness, or if you simply like to stay ahead of the game in terms of style and functionality in general; then we have a pair of joggers that is screaming your name.

The equalizer fleece joggers will act as an equalizing force on the field, the court, the mat, or whatever it is in life you may do, as their sheer flexibility matched with comfortability provides you a pair of athletic pants ready to crush it with you.

And don't worry, we know these joggers are your new favorite, and just because they are perfect for spring activities doesn't mean they aren't perfect for spring simplicity as well. With a variety of color choices and classic ladies' fit, these joggers can be styled up to meet athleisure clothing perfection.

Heisman Full-Zip Track Jacket

There's honestly not much better than an early morning or late evening spring run. The way that the air is perfectly slick and cool is hypnotizing, and running underneath the colorful art of a sunset or a sunrise during this lovely season will have you easily transfixed as you accomplish your latest running milestones.

For those of you who take spring and use it as a season to do nothing but get active and get outside, then the Heisman full zip track jacket is set to become your new favorite. And for a few good reasons.

This jacket is the definition of activewear. Stylish clothing crafted with purpose and functionality in mind. The purpose to keep your body temperature controlled with a hoodie that helps to block out any chilly wind while wicking away sweat.

You will never chafe or say ‘I feel uncomfortable’ when wearing this awesome hoodie, and there's a really good chance that this piece of clothing will be there when you break your track records this upcoming spring!

The Walk On Fleece Hoodie

We're back with yet another hoodie that embodies and showcases the color of spring itself. With beautiful pastel color choices, the walk on fleece hoodie is spring style’s best friend.

Spring is a combination of everything we love to do. Getting to enjoy the outdoors, getting to hang out with friends and cook food from the garden, drinking spring beer or bubbly cocktails. And The Walk On Fleece Hoodie is then a hoodie meant for all of these things, meant for any and all spring activities.

Use the enticing color combinations as a way to make someone smile this spring, and never feel as though you aren't relaxed and comfortable with the plush poly-cotton material blend. Further personalize your hoodie by choosing from both a pullover style and also a zip-up style.

This article has been brought to you by your friends at Farm Brand.

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