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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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The All Inclusive Farm Brand Gift Guide

The All Inclusive Farm Brand Gift Guide

Activewear for the Holiday Season

I know right, I think we are all saying it. “The holidays are already here?!”

What a year it has been indeed, and although as a country and as people we will have to approach this season just a bit differently thanks to current events, the holidays are still a warm welcome. Lights adorning houses, hot cocoa steaming against the cold of the air.

When it comes to the holidays this year, shopping for gifts is inevitably unique. The malls are going to be less trafficked and people are going to look towards online retailers for gifts now more than ever.

And FARM Brand is more than happy to be around to provide you with any of your activewear gifts needs, a purveyor of clothing fit for the doers and the thinkers in the world.

Our products are insanely comfortable, fit for so many lifestyles that each find a common ground within the span of functions provided by our clothing, and of course, they ship fast and in really nice packaging.

So if you are looking for an all-inclusive holiday gift guide for clothing, we got ya covered, as we're going to go through a few different humanly characteristics and provide you with some styles that work great for said lifestyles.

And a quick note worth mentioning. We are going to categorize some of our collections based on personalities and characteristics of different types of unique people of which we feel would really enjoy each particular design.

That doesn't mean, however, that these designs do not work for absolutely everyone and anyone, and remember to check out Farmexclusives.com for our entire collection of activewear.

And if you simply cannot choose or decide what to purchase as a gift, we always have digital gift cards ready to go. Not only will your favorite person enjoy shopping for their next favorite shirt, hoodie or joggers themselves, you will know that 5% of their order will go toward a charitable cause, courtesy of your friends at Farm Brand.

For more detail about or charitable causes, just click here!

The Entrepreneur in the Family

Entrepreneurs love the holidays. I sure did when I was building my small business.

I mean come on, any chance to snag a little extra cash to put right back into your business is awesome, whether that be twenty bucks or five hundred. Hey, It's something!

But it's true, cash isn't necessarily the most creative of gifts, so if you are looking for a little something more to give to your favorite entrepreneur, check this out!

The “Self Made” Collection

As all businesses do, they take the spirit and hard work of an entrepreneur to manifest into any type of success. And this success very much deserves admiration, the individual at the forefront of driving this success maintaining every right to showcase a depth of pride that comes with the meaning of being “Self Made” in life.

And that is why this collection is a perfect gift for an entrepreneur, as it is a subtle reminder to ourselves and others that our livelihood has been built from the ground up and with only the purest forms of dedication. Simply click the images to browse entire collections.

The Tee is incredibly cool and collected, simple to form styles around nearly any pair of shorts or pants. And there really isn't a better hoodie to wrap up in while you jam out some computer work.

The “Maker” Collection

It's all about making things happen. Playing the dice rolls to the best of your abilities and adjusting accordingly when needed. Business is always changing, commerce and advertising are always changing.

And those that can keep up with this evolution are the true entrepreneurs, the true makers of the world. Whether making a life-changing product, a global charity, or even just a seven-figure business in the pursuit of a dream, you are making yourself out to be something great within this world.

To embody this spirit perfectly, FARM Brand’s “Maker” Tee and hoodie are a first-class choice as gifts for entrepreneurs. Besides, being recognized for hard work is always satisfying, and by giving either of these as a gift you are showcasing your support and admiration for the tribulations that entrepreneurs face.

Just click on the images to shop styles!

The “Practice Makes” Collection

Practice makes Perfect. Never underestimate this cliche.

There is no way around it and there is no other way to reach the pedestal of perfection other than by practice, practice, and then how about some more practice.

And perfection is the high point of life. It is the epitome of all things great, of all things surreal and worth fighting for. So when someone does indeed reach the point of perfection, never forget the amount of practice that they first had to implement before getting there.

This could never be any less true for business, and as a gift to an entrepreneur, the “Practice Makes” collection is a spot-on way to showcase your understanding of the fact that building a business takes a deeply rooted internal drive and an intricate form of practice to navigate the never-ending challenges destined for those pursuing success.

Available in both T-shirts and hoodies, a gift for an entrepreneur. Simply click the images to shop those and other styles!

For entrepreneur gift guide styling options, our joggers and shorts go great with these collections.

For the Artist in the Family

The definition of an artist is one of the most far spanning definitions in the English language. There are so many categories of people that all fall under this name, painters to musicians to writers to muralists.

And the never ending list goes on.

Being an artist is a lifestyle, but it can be pursued at different levels. And that is why art is so incredible, as we can chase our own meanings of it to our own varying desires.

But no matter if you seek art as a career or as a simple hobby, there is no getting around the fact that art changes life for the better in so many ways. If you are looking to find gifts for an artist or clothing for an artist, check out a few of our collections below for perfect ways to give a gift that an artist can use to showcase their passion through their fashion.

The “Naked” Collection

Art is personal and it is an expression of our internal thoughts and feelings. Some of the best art is some of the rawest of art, the art that breaks down barriers of human idiosyncrasies to share intrinsic views of life and love and all else in between.

And by stripping down to the naked core of our beliefs and the ideas, as well as inspiration, that arises with our personal fates, the artist becomes truly an artist. No fear in their expression, no holding back a single thought.

And here are a tee and a hoodie that say this all aloud. Simply click the images to shop around.

The Musical Note Passion Matters Collection

For artists involved in the world of music, we have a design they will love, a wonderful gift for artists of sound.

This design acts as a means to showcase the fact that you are a human being who maintains knowledge and fluency in this universal language, following a path that is fueled by the desire to create the vibrations of which we all love.

As a means to not only tell the music lover in your family that you adore their creations and their pursuit of creativity but to also provide them with a shirt or a hoodie that is ready for studio sessions and at home jam seshes, the musical note passion matters is the design to do so.

You know the drill by now, click away to get shopping!

Oh, and if you are looking for more gifts for music lovers, take a look at this article for all the inspiration you could need.

The “Influence” Collection

One of the main purposes of art, in any of its forms, is to influence. Art is a way to spread ideas throughout the world like wildflower seeds of change, the messages that arise with the creations acting as a means of changing the world.

From small influences, like leaving a museum inspired to go home and paint for yourself, or world-renown pieces from the most famous artists that have been forever engraved and used within our history…

Art is meant to influence.

For a great gift to show that you have been influenced by an artist close to you, the influence collection is a simple yet powerful collection through the fact that the span of the effect that comes with art can arise from absolutely any individual in this world.

It just takes the pursuit of creation to never halt, and of course the admiration and support of those like yourself who may be shopping for a gift for an artist that you hold close to your heart as your own form of support. Click on any of the images to continue shopping and influencing.

Gifts for the Veterans and Patriots

We are a country built on the service of those who gave and give their life for our freedom and protection. And as well as that, we are built on the support of those who use democracy as a means to change the world with their voice, the patriots that maintain a tight grip on the love for our amazing country.

And if you know someone that is especially fond of pursuing and showcasing these characteristics, or one of those very special people themselves who has served (or still is serving) our country, we have gifts for veterans and patriots alike!

The “Veteran” Collection

This design is big and it is bold. It is simple yet it says so much.

The veteran collection, both tees and hoodies, is the perfect collection for a gift for a veteran.

The words are printed in bold lettering that is a testament to the bold nature and pure bravery of those who served.

The truth is, it deserves to be known to the world if you are a special soul who has fought for our world, and there is not a better means to do so than with the expression contained on the one word that says it all on these pieces:


Oh, and remember, we donate 5% of all purchases, and at checkout, you can choose a veteran based cause to give to!

So click any of the images to shop, gift, and donate!

The “God and Country” Collection

I can almost guarantee that if you have seen this shirt or hoodie, there is somebody in your life that sparked into your mind because of their passion and love for both god and country.

And if that's the case, don't wait any longer and go ahead and snag one for them, because if they are so passionate about God and country that just the words alone make you think of them, then imagine just how much they would love this design!

You know the drill (no pun intended). Click those pics and get shoppin'!

The “Freedom” Collection

After all, freedom is what it's all about, right?

Shoot, if it wasn't for freedom then we might not even be lucky enough to be reading this little blog post while we happily shop for the patriots and veterans close to us!

And this shirt says it all, in elegant and beautiful lettering that is stated clean and clear as the highlight of this design.

It acts as a means for those who wear it to show off the fact that they wake up every day in pure appreciation of the freedom we are granted here, something that most all patriots do and something that veterans quite literally dedicated (and risked) their lives to protect.

Available in both a warm and cozy hoodie or a nice fitting tee, the freedom design is ready to remind everyone who sees the wearer of this shirt that we should all take a moment and acknowledge just how lucky we are to have our voices heard through our freedoms.

Gifts for the Activist in the Family

We all have voices. Some just choose to speak out with them more than others. Being an activist takes a very special type of person, one that is willing to dedicate their own time and energy into the pursuit of helping others through own actions.

To appreciate their hard work and willingness at standing up for something more, we have some clothing gift options for the activist in your family that they can sport with style to the next protest or voting booth!

The "Fight Back" Collection

There is one thing that will always hold true about change.

And that truth is chance is impossible unless actively initiated upon.


So who choose to initiate are indeed those who choose to fight back, standing up for internal beliefs to lend for a better world.

The "Betsy Ross History Matters Collection

History matters.

It's simple. History allows us to learn and allows us to grow, and it matters so that we can use our past as a way to best direct our future through means of activism and political change.

And if you need a gift for an activist, then you need a gift that allows them to further voice the ideals and opinions of which they hold closest to themselves, because after all that's what activism is all about.

So take the lessons from our own history about ordering holiday gifts too late, and go ahead and throw this thing in your cart now by clicking any of the images to stay on top of your gift giving game!

As a special thank you for being here, take 40% off your purchase for your referred family or friend with code FARM4FAM, so don't forget to apply it!"

This article has been brought to you by your friends at FARM Brand.

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