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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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The Best Selling Farm Brand Items

The Best Selling Farm Brand Items

Excellent Gifts for the Holiday Season

Do you know what is nice? When gift-giving is easy. And by easy, we don't mean effortless, as plenty of thought, consideration, and generosity can still be placed into a gift that was otherwise simple to procure.

With plenty of other facets in life that better deserve your time and attention during the holidays, including your loved ones and your happiness, Farm Brand has chosen to curate a holiday gift guide that includes a handpicked selection of only our finest products.

Because let's be honest, how nice would it be to knock out some serious shopping from the comfort and safety of your home in just one quick session so that you can get back the things that matter the most?

We have asked both our close team at Farm Brand and our customers what their absolute favorite items are, and the reviews are in. There's no better direction than inside scoop, and our products are suited for nearly any lifestyle you can think of, so heed their suggestions and find yourself walking away with a huge jump on this holiday season with Farm Brands best selling and most popular items!

The Simply Human Collection

There are endless adjectives to describe how incredible it is to be a human being, and at Farm Brand, we are built based on using our stories and our lives as a means to instill as much positivity into the world as possible. And that is why our “Simply Human” collection remains at the top of our favorites list.

If you didn't already keep up on our blog, we actually have an entire section dedicated to this pursuit of a greater good. Showcasing stories of individuals who have created businesses and lives that are all the same as ours, those dedicated to finding success through helping others and our world. The ones who live with a purity of wholehearted goodness that brings light to dark times and smiles when needed.

And that is why this collection will resonate with anyone in your family as a holiday gift, as we not only have some of the most comfortable T-shirts that feature this design, we also have a few available hoodie options for these chilly winter months and those lazy days at home.

Weekender Cotton Canvas Backpack

I have personally been stomping around the woods of Maine for months, hiking up mountainsides and chasing new coasts, and with every adventure, you will find this backpack looking dang good on my shoulders.

Not only has it completely held up to my rather brutal treatment of material things (When I'm on a mission up a mountain, I'm on a mission, and I don't try hard to avoid branches and rocks scraping my backpack), but it is honestly one of the most stylish backpacks that I have ever seen. And with a wide range of pockets, it is seriously functional.

This backpack is built with aesthetics in mind, the subtle cotton canvas colors lending for a sleek and modern look that can blend both into professionalism just as well as it can into the woods.

From students to adventurers and any type of person in between, this backpack is a must-have item that will instill smiles when unwrapped.

Musical Note Passion Matters Hoodie

Music means a lot. And it means a lot to a lot of us. That's a lot of a lot, and there's no better way to embody the impact that music has on all of us than through one of the most comfortable hoodies you will ever wear.

Our Musical Note Passion Matters Hoodie features an elegantly drawn musical note design that is simple while saying so much. Whether you know a creator of music or someone who simply has a passion for enjoying all of the beautiful sounds, then this hoodie is a great way for them to showcase their love of the universal language.

It's super soft, nice, and warm, and you might never take it off because of how cozy it makes you feel.

Farm Brand Classic Joggers

There are so many reasons why joggers are one of the most popular pants choices for both men and women alike. Not only are they suited for anything that life can throw your way, from hardcore workouts to providing a professional look that is still comfortable when working from home; to pretty much any other life occasion that you can think of, as joggers areas so easy to style.

But of course, there are joggers, and then there are Farm Brand Joggers, and we firmly believe that we have some of the most comfortable and functional joggers to exist in the world of fashion. Made from French Terry Cotton, a type of cotton representative of cloud-like softness, they feel as though you are wearing a blanket.

And at the same time, they look really, really good. Ready to act as gym wear or outdoor wear or casual wear or anything your creative mind can think of! Because joggers are crafted for pure versatility, and that is why they make for an incredible gift for absolutely anyone you can think of!

The Homestead Expression Joggers

While we're on the topic of joggers, remember that you can always view our entire collection of them HERE, but we also want to feature one more of our employee and customer favorites:

The Homestead Expression Joggers.

These joggers are crafted with the versatility that we talked about before, but with a slight focus on a style. You can really spice up the look of these joggers as they can blend into nearly any outfit, their appearance is built for turning heads, and they are a necessary addition to any wardrobe.

Namaste Leggings

Although our joggers can be worn by both men and women, we have just recently introduced a handpicked line of leggings that the active woman in your life will absolutely adore!

Leggings are extremely popular, and if you want to know why, then just click HERE! But assuming that you probably already know this well, as chances are you have a pair or you know someone who has a pair that acts as the keystone to 70% of their outfits, then take a look at one of our very favorite pairs of leggings, the Namaste Leggings.

Gifts are best when they are used, and these leggings are sure to become a new favorite clothing piece for whoever is lucky enough to receive them!

Weekender Cotton Canvas Barrel Duffel

Duffel bags are seriously underrated. They're like the bag of all bags, just in between something that would be deemed too small or too large, and they are great for outings that require just a little bit of stuff to come along.

My own duffel has become my go-to adventure bag when staying somewhere or camping for a few nights, as you can fit a ton of clothing or other necessities inside, and I also bring it along for the daily adventures that require a lunch, an extra pair of clothes and all that jazz.

Consistent gym lovers find this to also be one of the all-time best gym bags, as it is stylish as you walk in the door and allows you to bring all you need in one organized, awesome duffel bag that keeps your items protected. We have tons of appealing colors to choose from, so Click Here to get shopping!

The Old Fashioned Lazy Comfort Hoodie

Just as old fashions are a go-to cocktail for some, this hoodie will become the same, the go-to piece of clothing for any who owns it. Because not only is it nice to relax with a freshly poured old fashioned and reflect on the good things in life, it is also true that sometimes there's a lot to be said for keeping things old fashioned!

Like appreciating the little things and letting go of technology when in the company of loved ones. Old fashioned shows of appreciation like hugs during the holidays.

The design of this hoodie is simple yet so cool, and the hoodie literally gets better with age. Each wash leaves it softer than the first, and watch and feel how the hoodie begins to form to your exact body shape the more that you wear it.

The Fire T-Shirt and the Self Made T-shirt

It feels good to be on fire. Whether it's with a job, a sport, a relationship. When you are on, you're on, and this is where you want to stay. But this fire takes initiative, it takes acting upon with ruthless consistency to get there, and those who reach it are nearly always self-made.

Show those in your life who are always dedicating themselves to the chase of higher purposes and greater meaning in life, no matter what that may be to their own personal story, that you not only acknowledge their fight to higher milestones but also your respect for them doing so with the Fire and Self Made T-shirt collection in an array of awesome color choices!

Because a T-shirt will always make a good gift, and even if these don't seem to fit your quota we have so many other incredible designs for you to choose from, so browse happily through our extensive collections to find exactly what you need for the best holiday gifts.

Weekender Cotton Canvas Sling Tote

If you have ever heard someone say that they have too many handbags, then the only reason they are doing so is through a sarcastic tone that is simply acting as a means of deflection for the fact that, come on, can you really ever own too many?!

The answer really is no, and if you want an awesome gift for someone who could use another handbag in their collection, then the Farm Brand Sling Tote will suit them just right.

No matter if it becomes the daily handbag or if it is reserved for nice occasions, as it is sleek, elegant, and fashionable, this handbag features a quality that will last the ages and an appearance that will leave all eyes who see it ogling in the desire to have one for themselves.

Workout Shorts

Having a bunch of workout shorts is necessary. The reason being is that a lot of workouts occur in 1-2 hour timeframes that leave the shorts soaked in sweat and thus requiring to be washed, because hey, none of us want to be the smelly one at a gym.

And then, when we workout sometimes every day or even twice a day, this results in the need for a big collection of your own workout shorts. And that is why they make such an excellent gift.

Both our men and women workout shorts are soft, flexible, and breathable, everything that you could ask for in clothing that is required to perform when you do. And the cool part about it is that these shorts double as simply hanging out shorts as well, as they are comfortable and fit perfectly to your body to make for an outfit ready to hit the downtown or to hang on the couch and watch a movie.

The Good Ol' Giftcard

And of course, if the options are just too vast and too many, as it can still be hard to choose from products that are all as equally amazing, then we still have your solution ready to go.

Just click HERE to purchase a Gift Card in any amount for effortless holiday shopping, and remember, 5% of profits still get donated to charity at checkout, so feel good giving and giving back this holiday season!

This article has been brought to you by your friends at Farm Brand.

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