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Running Tips and Tricks for Beginner Runners

Running Tips and Tricks for Beginner Runners

Simple and Easy to Implement Advice to Up your Running Game 

If you have decided that you would like to take on running either as a hobby or as part of your exercise routine so that you can access the health benefits and endless extents that define how running can change your life; then you have come to the right place. 

In this article we are going to dig straight into some simple, easy to implement, and effective tips and tricks for beginning runners so that you can up your running game and seek out a deeper level of success with this amazing activity. 

Some of these pieces of advice may be somewhat self explanatory and straightforward, but nonetheless they are easy to forget about. And by highlighting their importance to new runners, the family at Farm Brand is hoping to provide an outline for beginner runners to follow so that they can take the fast track to elevated running distances, speed, and overall stamina. 


#1. Start Slow and Appreciate Small Milestones 

How to set running goals in 2020


If you are new to running, then there is no reason that your body should be used to the physical effects both before, during, and after a nice run. As you begin to run, regardless of the long term goals that you have set before yourself, please do not get caught up in the desire to run as far and as fast as humanly possible. 

As wonderful as it is to imagine what it is like to run endless miles with speedy times, you MUST focus on the long game!

First, acknowledge that running is not easy!

It takes time for your body to adjust, as running is one of the most cardio focused activities to exist, and because of such you must set realistic short term goals as a means to slowly trek towards your future milestones. It is not only okay to start slow, but it is really quite essential. 

By setting a reasonable distance for your first few runs, you will avoid the disappointment of not being able to achieve an unrealistic accomplishment. Instead, you will revel in the feeling of what it means to break through these smaller barriers one by one, and because of this you will learn what it means to appreciate even the smallest of milestones.  

Force yourself to start slow, and build on your accomplishments like the turtle and less like the rabbit. 

#2. Stretch, Stretch, and...  Stretch Some More. 


Okay, okay; I don’t want to sound like your mother here. But for the love of running:


I cannot express how many runners I know who bend down in a single toe touch and expect that to be enough stretching to sustain a real run. 

The truth is, learning how to stretch should come before anything else related to running. If you are not ready to dedicate the time to stretching, then you (and your body) are not ready for the trials and tribulations that arise with learning how to run long distances. 

Stretching is one of the biggest pieces of advice we can give to beginner runners. You need to think of stretching as a REQUIREMENT. This will not only enhance your run immediately, but it will increase the longevity and recovery times of your body in general. This means that by stretching before a run, you are looking out for both your present and future self. 

Your body is the vessel when running. We use nothing but our legs and feet to propel us forward. You wouldn't race a car with bald tires. You would not fly a plane with loose wings. And the same holds true for the one piece of equipment necessary for a run, that equipment being yourself!

Ensure that you are properly maintained and ready for the after effects of running by stretching for at least 15 minutes before a run, and by also stretching on your days off, you will set yourself up for a better recovery and a better next run. 

#3. Run on Different Environments


Chances are, especially if you are in a city, you will find yourself often running on roads and sidewalks. Don't get me wrong, this is great, and most runners can live an entire life only running on concrete. 

But if you are really looking for answers on how to advance your running, then a great tip is to try running on different mediums.

Add a trail run into the mix of things if you can. Trail runs provide new challenges, they work different areas of muscle, and of course provide lovely sceneries. If you incorporate a trail run into your routine, you will surely find that your next road run is far easier, as you wont be navigating roots and rocks, and this will result in better times and distances. 

If you can, find a nice hill to run up to give your legs resistance. This will build the muscles that propel you forward so that they become stronger and not just accustomed to distance. You need this strength once you begin seeking out high mileage runs. That, and running up a hill will always make you appreciate the feeling of going down; and with this truth shines a brilliant life lesson that comes with it.  


#4. Hydrate Every Day!


Hydration is the fuel for your body, and one of the most important aspects to a successful run. But to be properly hydrated before a run, this doesn't mean chugging a big bottle of water right before you take off. Not only will you most likely have to stop and pee a few times (so annoying!), this isn't the type of hydration you are looking for to sustain a long run. 

Instead, hydration is something that you should focus on every single day. You need to hydrate on your days off just as equally as the days of your run. Hydration is just like running in the sense that the long term goals matter more than the short term. 

You will be sweating extensively, and if you are not hydrated this can lead to cramps and loss of breath that will halt you straight in your tracks. If you are a new runner, absolutely make sure that you are drinking enough water to not only hydrate you to the extent of an average person, but enough to hydrate you to the extent of an athlete. 

#5. Give Your Body Ample Rest Time  


Especially in your beginning stages of running!

As we said before, your body is going to take time to adjust to the new use of muscles and cardio required for running. You should expect to be sore, especially after your first few runs, as your muscles are going to release tons of lactic acid as they build and grow. 

Because of such, it is so important to give your body ample time to rest and recover after runs. Sure, there are plenty of pro runners that run every single day; but that just isn't for your average joe! Instead, start with just 3 runs a week so that you have at least 48 hours in between runs so that your muscles can fully recover. 


And on a worthy side note, if you are curious as to the best types of running pants, our joggers at FARM BRAND are as equally suited for your long runs as they are for your lazy rest days. 





Not only will recovery time help you feel better and refrain from being totally sore 24/7, but it will actually promote further muscle growth because you are giving your muscles ample time to build upon themselves without getting overworked.

#6. Do Not Care About your Running Time!


Sure, of course it is fun bragging about your mile time or your 5k time and all of that good stuff. Trust me, I know because I do it myself. 

But if you are new to running, one of the worst things you can do is focus on the time!

By thinking about your time too much, you won't find a rhythm that works best for you and your body, and you can easily overdo it and push yourself too far. This can lead to possible injury, and also to sheer disappointment if you don't make that time you set. 

Instead, simply enjoy the run. Enjoy the feeling of what it means to do something good for your body, and take time to breathe deep while you soak up the fleeting views around you. If anything, focus on distance before you focus on time. By not really caring about how fast you go, I can promise that you will subtly fly past any goal you would have otherwise set beforehand. 

Eventually, you will want to set time goals and accomplish them, and that is SO okay, and a part of why we love running so much. It is a test against yourself!

But as a beginning runner, do not let this be the star of the show until you have set yourself into a really nice rhythm and until running is something that you consistently practice. 

#7. Stick to your Routine!


Running is a process. It is an accumulation of every ounce of work that you put into it. If you are a beginning runner, a wonderful running tip is to set a schedule that works for you and to 


By having a routine, you will help yourself to implement running as a part of your day as equally important as going to work or eating breakfast. It will become a part of who you are, and because of such it will help you to reach all of your desired accomplishments. 

When you have a set running routine, you can plan your days accordingly. You can do things to further enhance your running on your off days, such as strength and flexibility yoga or light leg training, and you can also plan your nutrition and hydration accordingly. 

By creating a routine, you will prevent yourself from succumbing to the painful effects that arise with giving up. You will trick your mind into believing that running is something you absolutely must do, and once you eventually break the barrier as a beginning runner, you will soon love the days you run with blissful passion. 

Running will become something that you love to do for a million different reasons, some the same for all of us, some unique only to yourself. But you will never discover any of this until you lace up those shoes and put that one foot in front of the other!


This article has been brought to you by your friends at Farm Brand.

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