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Short sleeve curved hem tee

Nice fit


Great fit and feel. Lightweight and quality material. Get em!


i absolutely love it so cute!!! definitely would recommend

New Favorite hoodie

This is my favorite item of the many items I’ve gotten from Farm Brands. The quality, the comfortable light weight material, and the style is great. I’ve gotten many compliments and I love wearing it!

Great quality joggers

I’ve bought several Farm Brand products and they never disappoint! The quality, comfort, fit and style cannot be beat. I get lots of compliments and will continue to be a repeat customer!

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Clothing for the Changing Seasons

Clothing for the Changing Seasons

The Best Transitional Wear for those In-between Kinds of Days

The changing of the temperature is synonymous with the changing of the seasons. I mean come on, the temperature really is one of the most defining traits of a season, and right as the months hang on the cusps of really hot and really cold, this creates a form of ‘transitional season’. A meet-in-the-middle where the “brrrrs” vibrate our throats in the mornings while the jackets get stripped in the afternoon.

Nobody wants to change twice throughout the day just to keep up with these seasonal temperature fluctuations, and everyone wants to be comfortable. To do so, your clothing must be the perfect fit for keeping you warm when you need it most and also cool and collected to avoid sweating when you reach a solid body temp.

So if you are a little "In-Between" with your clothing choices, we have come up with a little style guide and some seasonal tips-and-tricks of which we have curated into a collection of what could be called “crossover” clothing we feel will help you to maintain a stylish bliss in your fashion as fall meets winter and when winter meets spring.

Stylish Long Sleeve Tees

Don't sleep on or underestimate the efficiency of a good ol’, classic, and stylish long sleeve. Especially one that is plain and simple in design yet as comfortable as can possibly be conceived in a garment of clothing.

In fact, long sleeve tees are completely essential as a part of your crossover collection of clothing!

Check it out. The mornings lean on the cold side. Daytime has been tucked away for quite some time and that frosty little dew shimmers in the rising rays of the morning sun. Start with a long sleeve as the base of your clothing. Then, to add an extra little layer, simply throw on a short sleeve tee over that. A cozy sweatshirt to top things off and you are as warm as can be.

And then you can so easily adjust!

Take off the t-shirt as it starts to warm up, and then in the nicest of fall days, you can probably wear only your long sleeve throughout the early to later afternoon, simply layering it back on as evening approaches. Even if the sun is really shining you can pull up the sleeves to your elbows for a quick cool down!

Not only are long sleeves wonderful fall, winter, and spring clothing, but they also look really good as a staple in your fashion. When paired with the right pair of pants and shoes, a nice long sleeve is suited for pretty much any casual to a semi-formal occasion that you can think of.

Take a look at FARM Brands Long Sleeve Adult T-shirt as a perfect example. Easy to match, warmth retaining yet sweat absorbing, and a nice tight fit to make you feel really happy about your choice in clothing.

The Perfect Jacket

The definition of a perfect jacket always changes based on what you need. When it is totally freezing, then of course the perfect jacket would be a heavy down jacket. If it is just a little chilly, then maybe a sweatshirt embodies this definition.

But in terms of transitional seasonal wear, the crossover clothing for when warm and cold meet right in the middle, then a picture of the ‘Weightless Long Sleeve Adult Hoodie’ would be featured in the dictionary should the dictionary be made of images.

Nothing is worse than putting on a jacket that is too heat-retaining, and then you start to sweat so you take it off, and then freeze right back down because your sweat cools you off! It is confusing for your body and honestly just annoying, and this literally never happens with this special FARM Hoodie.

4.5 oz in weight (yeah, it was rightfully named), this thing is crazy light. A layer against crispy wind without hindering any of your movement or initiating a chain reaction of sweat, this IS the hoodie of all transitional hoodies.

You can remain active in it when you need something light and flexible, such as for an early morning run in fall before the sun has warmed things up, and you can also relax in the comfort that is provided by the poly-combed and ringspun cotton, one of the best types of hoodie materials!

It's almost on the verge of a long sleeve but it features a hood so that you can protect your ears from the bite of the wind. It's thin enough to use as an extra later once winter really creeps in, and oftentimes this hoodie will be the feature of a work from home day. Just before the house gets cold enough to turn the heat on this thing will keep you comfortable and focused, and the fact that it aesthetically looks so good will lend you a level of necessary professionality.

If you want to learn more about what the different types of clothing materials are, take a peek at this article!

A Zip-Up Hoodie

Like this "Simply Human" Zip Hoodie? Click the image to shop!

The key here is a zipper, just like these hoodies featured below:

And why a zipper?

The thing about transitional clothing is that it works best when a single garment can be adjusted based on your needs. When the temps are low, zip that thing right up to retain as much heat as possible. As things start to warm up, zip it on down to allow for a little extra airflow and breathability!

It comes down to simple versatility. Pull down hoodies are really warm and cozy, but you can get stuck between wearing one or taking one completely off, and there is no middle ground. But with a zip-up hoodie from FARM Brand you can find the perfect compromise, and it's also fun when you get to showcase the design of a really rad graphic tee underneath your hoodie!

You can keep your head warm with the hood and your hands warm with the softest of pockets all while allowing for a little fresh air to cool down your core, making for a great form of crossover fall to winter or winter to spring clothing.


We can thank the fashion world for conceiving up a pair of pants that dress up so well yet maintain a comfort equivalent to the nostalgia of hanging by the fire with a warm cup of tea. Jeans are cool, but they kind of stink at keeping you warm, so when the temps start to transition keep your joggers on deck!

They are the perfect way to dress up for nearly any occasion without giving away any essential comfort and warmth when it's a little cold outside, able to walk you right through the brisk morning and into the setting of the evening sun. They pair perfectly with any of the other transitional season wear we described above, and you can take them right from the gym and onto the couch!

Activewear and comfort wear, a combination of only the best of irony.

For more jogger styling inspiration, simply take a look at our “Jogger Style Guide”. And for more fall styling information, you can read through our Fall Style Guide” so that you can keep your style at the tip of the top of what it means to look and feel incredible!

The Softest Shorts

You know, there is one occurrence of nature that is always going to hold true for transitional seasons, and that occurrence is when out of nowhere, for a handful of days, things lean right back towards the hotter side of the spectrum of weather. A slight tease, saying either summer hasn't left at all or it is here to stay. But don't be fooled, because good things take time, and the cold isn't done yet.

No matter what, though, its always good to have a solid option to easily change up your clothing without totally having to adjust your wardrobe. To make sure you are good to go for the warmer days in transitioning seasons, all you need is a pair of these FARM Shorts

Available in a variety of colors and different styles, these are seriously the most comfortable shorts ever. Period. 

The honest truth is there are a million different reasons as to why these shorts are seriously so cool, from their sheer versatility to their prowess in comfortability.

To really get into these characteristics about these shorts fit for the changing seasons and any kind of lifestyle, simply read this review (and I suggest you do) to learn more of why if you are missing out on them if you do not already have a pair!

This article has been brought to you by your friends at FARM Brand.

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